Modi govt may outline India’s first employment policy in upcoming budget

The policy is expected to be announced in the upcoming Budget…. and ahead of general elections in 2019.

Narendra Modi Government In a move to generate job opportunities in India, Narendra Modi govt is likely to announce its first national employment policy in the upcoming budget. The policy will outline a comprehensive roadmap for making of quality jobs across sectors through economic, social and labour policy interventions. The policy is expected to be announced in the upcoming Budget, the last full one that will be presented by this govt, ahead of general elections in 2019.

The multi-pronged employment policy reportedly will comprise incentives for employers to generate more jobs, reforms to attract enterprises and help for medium & small scale industries, which are major job providers.

The putting into action of the policy will expected provide quality jobs to over 10 million candidates added to the country’s workforce annually and ensuring that more of these are generate in the formal sector. Till now, hardly 10 percent of the country’s 400 million workforce is in the organized sector, as per media report.

The policy reportedly comes amid rising pressure to expedite job creation in synchronization with economic enhancement so that incomes grow and millions of people are lifted out of poverty.